For twenty years we have been coming along side families during their most difficult, trying times and have seen countless lives forever changed. We are a faith-based, three month, residential facility for men and are staffed with licensed professionals with decades of experience in the recovery world.

Our program works in collaboration with Caddo and Bossier Parish DA , probation, and parole offices seeing great results.  

In 2013, we admitted 115 men and 99 completed our program.  This number translates into thousands as you consider the profound impact addiction makes throughout families and communities.  Someone is considered an addict when they begin to lose valuable things and either cannot or will not stop. 

Prescription drug abuse is the nations fastest-growing drug problem, affecting more than 4.5 million people.  Many included in this number are some of the most influential people in our communitites: moms, dads, educators, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and businessmen.  We are positioned and ready to help rescue and restore men caught in the deadly pattern of addiction!

Our program has a three month length of stay. 

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