To know Jason Farles today, one would find it difficult to believe the past and the issues he battled.  It would seem more fitting that he had followed into the history of his youngest childhood.  With a Grandfather, three uncles and more family all involved in the ministry Jason took a different path early in life, that led to over 22 years of serious drug addiction.
Reflecting back he says “I just rebelled, then I didn’t care anymore.”  The checkered past was marked with a dozen arrests, three trips to prison, multiple county jail incarcerations, three drug recovery programs and an early marriage that was more of a battle field than a relationship; all because of the presence of drugs in his life.
For Jason, he had a praying mother that refused to give up.  There were those times he would just ‘disappear’ for months at a time.  He would find himself living in a shed without electricity, water or food.   As much as he hated the life he had become a part of, the battle of the addiction still seemed to be stronger.  He had reached the final stage where he decided he just don’t want to live anymore.  It was his mother, the one that continued to believe in him, who began to talk to him about Eagle Creek.
The solution did not come easy even when it came time.  Many times he would promise her he was ready – only to slip back away for sometimes months.  He admits, “The process of getting to Eagle Creek took me a year.”  There were those three times that all he had to do was to step through the open door and sit in the car to leave, but there was the delay.
It finally happened in November of 2015.  His statement now is “Eagle Creek saved my life.  It showed me I could have a real true relationship with a God that loves me.  It gave me hope and encouragement and burning desire to help others.”
 If the last 22 years of his life were not known, the fact that Jason is now pursuing a call to ministry and attending seminary would only seem normal.  God has not only called him to a life of assisting others in escaping the grips of addiction, but He has continued to show his hand in Jason’s life.  He now serves as an intern at Eagle Creek and wants to give back to the program that saved his life.
Committing himself to change, and dedicating his heart completely has truly provided freedom and peace through his intimate relationship with God.