Corey was someone who suppressed reality and emotions with drugs and alcohol. He seemed to always find a way to blame someone or something else  for what was not right in his life.  Although he was raised in a loving home his decisions to deviate from his upbringing would determine the direction of his life for a long time.  He lied and stole from people who really cared about him and did many things that drove him deeper into depression, guilt, and shame.  He was homeless, living in his car, or staying with people that he didn’t like just to have a place to sleep.

When the fun of the party phase faded, as it always does, he tried geographical cures thinking if he could just get away things would get better.  After several overdoses and attempts to successfully complete rehab,  jail would be the place where the chaos would finally cease.  He began to read his bible and what he learned while in Eagle Creek Recovery Center began to resurface and impact him like never before.  This was his turning point, his place of surrender.

Today he has experienced restoration in so many areas, most importantly in his relationships.  He and Emily were married in March and are thriving as a family.  He is a certified fitness trainer and started his own land development and utility construction company, Capstone, last year.  He invests time each week with the Eagle Creek mentorship program and is committed to leading himself and others well.