At twenty-three years old, John was a three-time convicted felon, facing a life sentence.  In November of 2003 years of drug fueled criminal activity came to a dramatic end with John being involved in a high speed police chase with over twenty cars in pursuit.  After being apprehended he was found guilty of all the charges against him.

While in prison the weight of the consequences and reality of what his life had become caused him to cry out to God.  He didn’t ask God to save him from prison but from himself.  Within four months he was police escorted to Eagle Creek Recovery Center.  This would be one of many miracles he would encounter over the next seven months before he would stand in a courtroom and face the judge.

Though he hoped the court would be persuaded by the truly changed person he was, they were not and he was sentenced to twelve years hard labor in the Louisiana State Penitentiary.  He decided that with God he would not simply serve his time but let time serve him.  During his sentence he studied intensely, ministered to hundreds of inmates and staff, and prepared himself to be useful to God and society once he completed his time.  By the grace of God his sentence was cut short after completing five years and he was moved to a halfway house in Monroe, LA.  Within two years of his release he was employed as a full time College and Career pastor, met his wife Brooke, and was handed the papers of complete freedom.

Today as a licensed and credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God, He and Brooke are the senior pastors of Thibodaux First Assembly of God.  When they arrived in February of last year there were only sixty eight members.  As of March 2014 they are averaging near four hundred each Sunday as well as growing staff and increasing community outreaches. John was invited to be one of 20 pastors in the state to meet monthly on a Faith and Family Forum with Governor Jindal to discuss, advocate, and pray for issues our nation is facing.  He and Brooke have a daughter, Finley and another baby girl on the way.  Their incredible story has been featured on the 700 Club and shared with thousands!  Their story is further proof that God can and is doing great miracles today!