Although Gabe’s parents divorced when he was three, he had a very normal life for a single parent home. He has many wonderful memories of his childhood and grew up in church.  However, by the time he reached fifth grade, the rejection he harbored from the divorce would begin to surface and he would start venturing off course to find acceptance.  In sixth grade he was introduced to cigarettes and pornography.  By the time he was in eighth grade his experiences would include marijuana, pills, and LSD.  Cocaine would later become a life controlling habit and after failing out of college and losing his job, Gabe turned to selling drugs to support himself and his habit.  It wouldn’t take long before the devastation of the life he was choosing would become overwhelmingly obvious.  Gabe lost several friends, including his best friend, to drug overdoses.  Then while on his way home from an out of town partying binge, a man committing suicide, jumped in front of his car and was killed.  He and his friends had run out of drugs and money, so for the first time in a long time, he was actually sober and didn’t have anything in his possession.  If he would have been under the influence or had drugs in his possession, he would have been charged for vehicular manslaughter and likely still be in prision today.

Ready to listen, Gabe consented to his dad’s request to go to Eagle Creek Recovery Center.  However, he did not continue in the new ways he had been taught to live and slowly and secretly slipped back into his old life.  Very quickly he found himself homeless and sleeping in a vacant rent house his dad owned that had no electricity or running water.  One night, while completely intoxicated with drugs and alcohol, he kept hearing a phrase over and over in his mind from a message he had heard preached that said, “Carelessness will cost you your life.”  Unable to shake this loud thought, he got up off the hard floor and showed up at his dad’s front door at four in the morning.  To his surprise, his dad opened the door and was awake.  At that very moment his dad had been praying for him to come to his senses!  Gabe would return to Eagle Creek, except this time, he would complete the program and remain there for a full year to solidify the foundation for his future.  Today, six years later, Gabe is married and along with his wife, is mentoring young men and women. They have also opened their first business, Cell Phone Solutions in three locations on Youree Drive in Shreveport, near Pierre Bossier Mall in Bossier City and the other in Baton Rouge.  Gabe and Ashley are new parents to triplet girls born January of 2015!  All of the pain and regret from his past are now powerful tools to help others discover the incredible plans God has for those who simply believe in Christ and surrender their lives to Him.